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West IGA (formally SPAR) Community Chest Token Donation

West IGA (formally SPAR)  


Community Chest Token DonationProgram 


All Louis Vuitton Bags Replica customers that purchase items in store (excluding cigarettes due to government regulations) will receive a token for every $20 spent to place into the box of the group or organization of their choice. Note that if there is a $40 sale then two tokens will be issued. If there is a $60 sale then 3 tokens will be issued and so on. The store will also be running promotions through the year with bonus tokens. The box will be emptied of tokens at the end of each calendar month with a tally to be recorded onto the chart displayed at the front of the store, indicating the dollar amount raised for each group or organization. The store will pay to tag heuer carrera replica the group or organization 10 cents per token placed into their box. This amount will be paid via cheque on a quarterly basis.

Look for the KEMPSEY HORNETS box. This is a fundraiser for our club.



Hi to all your family Welcome to 2016 season and Thank you for signing to play football (soccer) with our Hornets Club and becoming a member of our Hornets family. Please read our information book as it contains many things you need to know about our Hornets club. Our committee members, coaches, and canteen staff are all volunteers, who put many hours of their time into our club so that you can enjoy your time at Hornets. You too can volunteer to help out at Hornets, the rewards are more satisfying when you see a player face with a great big grin telling you how well they played and all about their game, it’s the greatest thing you will ever be a part of, so why not volunteer a hour or so a week just let us know you want to help. New volunteers bring new ideas to help make Hornets a better more family club where new friends can meet up for a chat. Before any player is place into a team Registration fees must be paid up in full. Get $20 off your rego fees with our new EARLY BIRD payment of fees only condition is fees must be fully paid up by 11 March, after this date the $20 will be added back to fees. Our TEAM PLACEMENT and collect clothing day will be Wednesday 16 March at 4.30pm at our fields; you will also meet the coach for your age group who will be running all training sessions. Ngurrala grant forms have couple of little changes: 1. you must provide income statement or payslip with your completed form 2. you must provide proof of Aboriginality papers (only for the first time applying) 3. Complete forms must be returned to club secretary ASAP. Training will commence on Wednesday 2nd March at our fields at 3.45pm, be ready to start training at 4pm sharp. Most teams training will run for 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on the players’ behaviour and interest in training. We would appreciate it if parents be at training as this does help each player perform better knowing a parent is interested in their sport. TINY TOTS will start their Saturday morning skill drills on April ?? . Times for this is as follow; 2 to 3 yrs - 9.15am to 9.45am, - half an hour of training 4 to 5 yrs – 10am to 10.45am, - 45 minutes of training At Tiny Tots this season we hope to see parents lend a hand helping out with all players as this makes playing more enjoyable for the players because their parent is also involved. JUNIOR GAMES kick off on Friday night 22 April, Saturday morning 23 April. Senior Competition kicks off on Saturday 16 April If you have any questions or would like to volunteer helping out please see Liz or give her a call or any other committee person numbers in Information Book.replica watches

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