Kempsey Hornets Contacts

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 P.O. Box 3206, 
West Kempsey NSW 2440 


 PHONE 0408 656 267

 FAX 6562 8824 


 CLUB MEETINGS 6.00pm 2nd Monday of each month at Kemp Street Fields. 

 President: Leeton Smith  where to buy best replica watches?

 Secretary/ Registrar: Liz Watson

 Treasurer: Brooke Iverach

 Canteen Co-ordinator: Barry Jamieson  Kerry Squires

 Club Head Coaching Staff: Leeton Smith

 Fundraiser Officer: All Committee

 Sponsorship Officer: All Committee

 Clothing Coordinator: Brooke Iverach

 Committee Members: Brianna McPhillips Kay Iverach, Val Thorn, 

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